Extremely Rare Zippo Lighter Restoration from the Vietnam War - Đa krông 73-74

Publicado em 25 Set 2020
Zippo lighter restoration from The Vietnam War Đa krông Post 1973-1974 with soldiers AWESOME hidden massage engraved in to it. Today I restore and repair an awesome lighter from Vietnam with a US Army Airborne Paratrooper Jump Wings Badge attached to is.

This Zippo lighter is a ground found from Đa krông in the Quảng Trị Province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. It was sent to me to restore from one of my friends in Asia.

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I used a little squeeze of WD40 rust remover to loosen things up. The inner case was stuck in the zippo bottom case, so I used my new custom tool to loosen those two parts from each other. I washed the inner and outer case in soapwater. Some Beautiful hand engraved inscriptions showed up on the lighter. I cleaned the inside lighter case in the sandblaster with low air pressure and I used white virgin aluminum oxide.

I heat treated the Zippo inner case to achieve a beautiful brown matt army color. I added the classic peace sign with my laser engraving machine. I also polished the case and lid to mirror blank. Finally I cleaned the Army Airborne Paratrooper Jump Wings decal in 12% vinegar and gave it a nice antique silver plating. I attached it to the Zippo with modern glue…sorry.


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Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you soon, Cheers Martin

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  • In this video I restore a Vietnam War Zippo Lighter - Feel free to spread some LOVE ❤👍 Also see my OLD NORDIC HAMMER RESTORATION - brdown.net/top/daSomrbdhWmSmZM/video - Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

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  • "When I die lay me face down so The whole world can kiss my ass" qote by uknown badass veteran

  • Air born ranger or Paratrooper my friend has same lighter

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  • What were the colored liquids?

  • That looks like a army airborne symbol

  • Jump wing for Airborne troops

  • Airborne wangs, I have a set in a little better shape!

  • That was once carried by a true American badass. A dying breed though the bloodlines still exist.

  • These are jump wings for a paratrooper.

  • I think it's a airborne ranger's

  • Its a paratrooper emblem

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  • Tim

  • Jump wings issued to those who have successfully completed us jump school

  • Top job of the restoration!

  • This guy buys old lighters and buries them in his yard for a year or what? Every one looks exactly the same at the start. Did everyone from Nam throw their lighters in their back yards?

  • I like the Ambiance background noise sounds peaceful 😁😎🤘🏽also great job! Love watching these makes me want to collect zippos now.

    • many thanks I appreciate it :) Zippos don't take much space so it's a nice thing to collect

  • Vc tem uma coisa q poucos têm paciência e inteligência ta d parabéns vc manda muito 👍👍✌

  • Обожаю зажигалки Zippo очень нравиться как вы востанавливаете их.

  • That, by the way, is a paratrooper pin.

  • Ou de la division aéroportée

  • Badge de l us air force

  • He knows what the emblem is

  • Awesome work and awesome zippo

  • Awesome video, I just got my new armor zippo in solid brass like that one you brought back from the dead, check out how to pack wick and rayon/cotton into zippo to slow fuel evaporation!

    • thanks Richard for your comment and congrats with your new zippo :)

  • Excellent job well done indeed.

  • I'm pretty sure this man has OCD. So clean and organized. Did a bang up job on this like always..I'm from near Bradford PA where these are made and it's AWESOME to see someone taking the time to do this. Question: do you/have you ever attempted or been able to find the original owner of any of these items? I imagine that would be pretty tough but i figured I'd ask.

    • No OCD but I like when it is clean and organized 😊 I haven't been able to track the owners it would have been great though :)

  • There us paratrooper jump wings

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  • we could see your face and the bear winked at me

    • @Awesome RestorationsThank you for being close to your followers I give new, but I love the work you do and your works are magnificent I admire you ❤❤❤❤❤👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👑👑🎖🏅🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆

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  • Close to restoration. You could just by a new Zippo and engrave it, cheaper and more better.

  • Where was that lighter found? Viet Nam?

  • Those would be airborne wings

  • Soy de Colombia, quería preguntar si ustedes tambien observan la imagen de un rostro cuando esta mezclando los químicos para limpiar el encendedor...

  • Damn that looks beautiful now

    • @Awesome Restorations it looks like new like it just came from the factory in Bradford P.A. and that silver plating was awesome and i really dig that peace sign touch on the insert was very much appropriate for the time frame the lighter was made

    • glad you think so :)

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  • Stunning work

  • The words on the back says "When I die lay me face down so the whole world can kiss my ass".... It took me a few times looking over the clip and pausing it (when showed before it was fully cleaned), but I peace everything together slowly and my dad was able to see exactly what it said. Then watching it longer in, is when we noticed that it was bury not lay.... Not to mention he also served in the Air Force toward the last end of the Vietnam war.

  • Is this that steak weirdo doing zippo restorations?

  • Looks like airborne ranger emblem

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  • 5:26 - That, nice little touch, made me question my sanity, as I just happened to catch it in my periphery. Had to check, and am glad I confirmed it, as well as the realisation that I may not be as mad as I first thought! Ha. Not that it needs to be said, but; great restoration, documenting as well as your careful handling of what is, no doubt, of significant historical meaning.

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    • gun oil were used back in the old times to lubricate the guns so they wouldn't jam when fired

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  • Это эмблема ВДВ, очень похожа на ту что у нас в России применяют для десантников, правда наши золотые и вместо крыльев самолеты

  • Got bored half way through.

  • When i die bury me face down so the whole world can kiss my ass

  • Any military personnel that makes it through jump school, can wear that.

    • that is true but more associated with the 82nd airborne

  • I am a 82nd Airborne veteran. I would have to have that Zippo. If your willing to part ways with the Zippo. Thanks Nice video

    • Thanks I am glad you like the video. But so sorry the lighter is not for sale :)

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  • Parachute emblem

  • How do you obtain these things, VIETNAM WW2 etc, extremely rare

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  • non riesco a capire se tu sia italiano o meno

  • Out of curiosity sir, do you resell your lighters that you restore?


  • Well done, great job. I send you lots of love and peace.

  • Okay so this lighter has a 1968 date code. Theoretically it was then engraved 6 years later. Of note is that the US signed the Paris peace accords January 21,1973. These stipulated the US withdraw all troops within 60 days. Official US involvement ended with only a marine detail remaining for embassy guard in Saigon until 1975. So it’s very unlikely that anybody was fighting in Dakrong (near the front lines of the war) in 1973 (the US entered the ceasefire Jan 15) and even more unlikely that anyone was there in 74, a year after we left. A quick google search turns up quite a few other “da krong 73-74” lighters with kitschy war sayings on them and an assortment of infantry or airborne badges. They all seem to also have the 1968 date code. They all seem to follow the pattern of other nondescript “customized” Vietnam lighters as well, lending to the idea of an easily faked item that can be passed off for several times the value of a regular Zippo with minimal effort. So I’m willing to bet it’s a fake.

  • Хрень какая-то , zippo имеет пожизненую гарантию... А, ну да, контент...

  • Ahh I see u are a man of class u edited they're faces into the water thru faint reflection I love it

  • That is the airborne symbol my grandpa had one of lose from the service but he lost it in the ocean awhile ago. Where did you find this gem of a lighter?

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