Zippo Lighter Restoration, 24 carat gold plated Harley Davidson edition

Publicado em 6 Fev 2020
Zippo lighter restoration Harley Davidson AWESOME Gold plated 24 carat edition with amazing outcome!

This Zippo lighter is not very old. One of my fans here on BRdown sent it to me from US. He wrote that he lost it at a Bike festival a few years back and that he found it two years later at the same camp where he uses to have his tent. I think that he is going to be very surprised when he sees this restoration video.

I always start with WD40 rust remover. Just to be safe. This zippo lighter inner case was stuck in the zippo bottom case. I had a really hard time separate those two parts from each other. I chosed to sandblast the metal emblem and used my Dremel 3000 mini drill to polish the lighter inner and outer case. After I have cleaned the parts I electroplated the Harley Davidson metal emblem with nickel to make the metal susceptible for the gold plating. I plated emblem with 24 carat of gold many times to achieve a beautiful thick layer of gold.


In this video I also describe how to change wick, fill fluid and flint on your Zippo lighter.

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Music: From BRdown free audio library.

Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you soon and stay safe.
Best wishes, Martin.


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    • Excellent my friend. Thank you my friend. I'm already subscribed to your channel.

    • It cut off before the reveal! That sucked!!

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  • I have a very old I believe metal car shaped lighter that I just cannot get back to work, do you do custom restorations?

  • A zipper lite went it fish it be good has new I wood say cool do a good job

  • Where is the result

    • Sorry there is a failure in the BRdowns latest edit - we are about to fix this now. The end result so be there soon again :)

  • and you just end it there?

    • Sorry David there is a failure in the BRdowns latest edit - we are about to fix this now. The end result so be there soon again :)

  • is it finish?i dont see a final touch

    • @Awesome Restorations ahhhh thank you so much you are so kind, i dont believe you are replying my comment, love from Indonesia❤️

    • Sorry Sam there is a failure in the BRdowns latest edit - we are about to fix this now. The end result so be there soon again :)

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  • how did you attach the emblem? I'm trying to do my own Zippo lighter with official Attack on Titan pins (were one hell of expenciveness to import to the EU^^)

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  • The dislikes were from bic owners.

  • This is a genuine Zippo lighter, and your skills are real.

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  • I have one in the saddle bag of my Harley! You are truly talented sir. What an “awesome Restoration!! Put away in a shed and forgotten! Or kids found dads lighter, when outside to play with it and left it…dad looked and looked for it but attributed the loss to his own fault. Too many beers 🍺! Lol 😂

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  • Amazing work. Thanks for the video


  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  • Someone calling themselves DiY Master took this video of yours, edited it badly to just over 3 minutes and put it back on BRdown 7 months ago.

  • Cracking restoration. Although this video is a full restoration, in reality you could just restore the outer case and then sent it all to Zippo, under their lifetime guarantee. The insert is completely replaced, even if the lighter had just been returned for a broken hinge.

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