Broken Michelin Man Restoration - MARSHMALLOW Man special edition

Publicado em 19 Ago 2021
Restoration of Mighty Michelin Man. Model Detroit 1918 Original Advertising statue from the vintage days. also known as the Marshmallow Man. This is a really cool cast iron statue.

Restoration Process
I started with a little squeeze of WD40 rust remover to loosen up the bolt but unfortunately I broke it when I was trying to unscrew it. I did use very long time in the sandblaster because it was rusty and the paint there was left on it was really harsh to sandblast.

I hand grinded a bit of the metal pitting’s away and decided to powder coat the Michelin Man to keep him strong in many years to come. I airbrushed the Michelin logo with bright yellow and painted the tire black with regular matt spray paint. I changed the screws and bolt to new stainless ones to keep my new friend secure in the future.

It was a very nice restoration video to do and my first video in my new awesome playground.

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