AMAZING James Bond ZIPPO LIGHTER TRIBUTE 007 Sean Connery Diamond edition

Publicado em 1 Nov 2020
Amazing Sean Connery Zippo Lighter R.I.P. Tribute in a 007 James Bond Diamonds Are Forever rebuild edition. Rest in Peace my movie hero.

This is a normal black coated Zippo lighter with a silver blank inner case.

I started by switching the Zippo inner case to my default dummy lighter inner case. This to prevent the regular inner case from being burnt by the laser. After this I added a nice laser engraving on the front side of the lighter with the 007 James Bond classic logo and the text Diamonds Are Forever. This refer of course to the movie starring Sean Connery as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond, from 1969.

I added a few diamond to the Zippo outer case before I laser engraved the backside of the Zippo Lighter. This time I added the classic gun barrel “tunnel” with a silhouette inside and a little tribute text to Sean Connery.
May you rest in peace. You where one of my movie hero’s and you will be missed.

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Thanks for watching my channel. See you soon.
Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

Music: From BRdown free audio library. And from payed license at EnvatoElements.


  • Goldfinger

  • Which model do you have of lighter did you use? Thank you

  • Had to be live and let die

  • You're literally to awesome for doing this my friend

  • Goldfinger

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  • 007: You expect me to talk? Goldfinger: No I expect you to die.

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  • Fantastic video

  • _You are not Picasso or Da Vinci, but you are a very good contemporary artist. A true genius._

  • Nice casing. What does zippo call that one? Also good choice on picking sean!

  • Sean Connery is by far my favorite Bond. RIP.

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  • Also Son Connery will be the best James Bond for ever. Rip

  • It is great. A great tribute to a classic spy movie.

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  • Comment tu as fait pour avoir cette couleur dorée après avoir passé le laser ?

  • Amazing! The video was put together as well as the engraving! Always been a Zippo fan. Well done!

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  • Did you give the lighter a "nickname" Felix would be perfect

  • What an awesome tribute to Sir Sean Connery your work is always amazing. My favorite Connery Bond movie Thunderball

  • i have found 2 videos in 2 days wow brilliant . i was wondering how long it took to program the laser to do the engraving , brilliant brilliant job , you are an artist ..........................

  • my favorite movie is skyfall

  • Awesome tribute lighter

  • Já é madrugada e eu não consigo parar de assistir esses videos! Que isqueiro lindo. 👉🏻🔥

  • You do great work! What brand of fiber laser is that? 30w or 50w?

  • R.I.P. 🪦 Sean Connery. “Bond, James Bond.” 💥 🔫 😎 👍🏼 I Love ❤️ All of his 007 movies, and I own the limited edition DVD 📀 BOX SET, of All the 007 movies through SkyFall. PierceB & Daniel C. are my other 2 fav Bonds. I can’t wait for the 2021 007 to finally get released too. 💎 “Shaken Not Stirred.”

  • Can you use 007 logotype and brand ?

    • @Awesome Restorations thanks :) it's really great job ;) !!

    • Yes I can - as long as I do not sell them ;-)

  • Yesh! A shimply smashing tribute to Shir Sean Connery!

  • Look amazing 007 lighter

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  • My favorite James Bond movie is Casino Royale next to Goldfinger 0️⃣0️⃣7️⃣

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  • He was cool , I was playing a stunt in his movie, actually they were bunch of us, movie League of the gentlemen. It was shooting in Prague. My favourite movie is Name of the rose

  • Hi, uncle 😊 How much for 1 zippo in america? (standard) 😊

  • We all miss Sean. Thanks for a very special edition cheers. If I had to pick only one favourite Connery/Bond movie, it would be "You only live twice".....

  • Recently, I’ve been watching a buttload of Zippo lighter restoration videos on 3 channels with this one included, and I can officially say that THIS is the best out of all of them🏆

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  • Press Shift to start? 1:45

  • Best Bond film? License To Kill. I think Dalton suited the role absolutely perfectly

  • I liked all the James Bond movies But my favorite villain was Jaws

  • Are those real diamonds? So not only 100,000$

  • magnífico .mi película favorita 007 contra Goldfinger saludos desde Uruguay (magnificent .my favorite movie 007 against Goldfinger greetings from Uruguay.)

  • None of them are my favorites. In fact. I know the true story of why Fleming wrote the bond books and the woman he based the bond after. So it sucks after you know that the man 007 was written for was such a failure Fleming the British gov paid the Russians to take him out. The 007 stories are the what is he was successful and based on the accomplishments of a women. A woman named the white mouse. A real and true badass.

  • My favorite James Bond movie is 'Casino Royale' and 'Skyfall' .

  • 🇧🇷... congratulations Guerreiro your channel is fantastic and thank you for the tribute to sean connery

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  • Too bad the "diamond" part is a total lie

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  • It's a good sense. "Diamonds are forever", isn't it? I think "From Russia with Love" is the best masterpiece.

  • A legendary lighter fit for the Legendary Sean Connery. I wanna buy that lighter.

  • how much should i pay for the james bond version of zippo you made?! because I want to collect them.

  • i am a zippo and james bond lover. recently i lost some zippo collection during an earthquake.

  • You can sell these for 250$ each and people will buy like crazy

    • Thanks for telling me this 😉 I really appreciate it 👍 But I do not have the time for producing lighters (I a video maker) Thanks for watching I really appreciate it 😉

  • I want one... 😢 😢 😢

    • @Awesome Restorations sell me one please than... i lost one that my dad give me, he was a colonel from the mexican army, got killed 3 years a go... it Will mean alot to me... 😥😭😢

    • No sorry its not for sale :)

  • My fav james bond movie is 1. Spy who love me 2. man with a goldengun 3. Moonraker

  • This lighter will self destruct in 10 secs

  • Thunderball was my favorite bond film I'm a huge bond film fanatic 007 4 ever

  • Fantastic man!! Your videos are ALWAYS SO NICE!!!

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  • mine was For Your Eyes Only

  • カッコイイ!売ってたら買うかも😄

  • excelente y merecido homenaje. solo un detalle, al Martini le hubiera puesto unas aceitunas. go ahead a great salute from Argentina.

  • "Die another day"

  • Price

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  • MAGNIFIQUE !! Pour moi, GoldenEye puis Casino Royale. For me, GoldenEye then Casino Royale.

  • my favourite James Bond movie is Goldeneye

  • Bom dia amigo, vc não é simplesmente um restaurador, vc é um grande artista, um grande profissional, Congratulations.

  • The Laser engraving is amazing, that is a real work of art. Great job my friend 👌👌

  • Goldfinger & Diamonds Are Forever! Sorry, couldn't have only one. Interesting, in my two favorite Bond films, Shirley Bassey sings the theme songs! Oh, and in Diamonds are Forever, the character of Plenty O'Toole is played by Lana Wood, Natalie Wood's younger sister. I love that trivia

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  • This is no longer art.If you made a lighter from and to, and brought something to the construction of your own, it would be a Big Like, and so...

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