Awesome Rusty Hammer Restoration - VERY GOOD recovery

Publicado em 16 Out 2020
Restoration of a rusty hammer from T.O.R., Sweden with some cool Nordic engravings. See the awesome recovery and outcome!

This is a Swedish made TOR hammer from 2007. I got it from a barnyard flea market here in Sweden very cheap for only 1$

I disassembled the hammer shaft from the head by removing a metal wedge and then I sandblasted the metal. I grinded the hammer and removed the old T.O.R. logo from the side of the hammer head. I decided to harden the metal and at the same time blacken the metal with oil. I did a fine little Nordic engraving on both sides of the hammer.

The Engraving is a Celtic Shield Knot and a symbol of protection. This knot was placed near sick people or on battle shields for warding off the evil spirits or any other danger. Now it is on my hammer!

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Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

Music: From BRdown free audio library. And from payed license at EnvatoElements.


  • In this video I restore a TOR hammer from Sweden - Please let me know what you think! 👍 ALSO SEE my antique hatchet restoration - Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

    • Dd

    • Impressive work. My being more of a "retain the original" for historic purposes didn't quite like your removing the original logo and adding Nordic engravings, but that doesn't stop me from being impressed by your work.

    • You are a outstanding bladesmith. Let's say thank you to youtube that thanks to it 😘😁👍

    • What is your name where is he living

    • Hablas español

  • Very good restoration, but why remove the original logo? I don't understand that 🤔

  • It's really awesome 🤝

  • Это всё конечно интересно, но какой смысл от закалки молотка? Он становится твёрже, но в тоже время и хрупким.

  • I'm so torn. First you sandblasted without even getting the loose rust off, then you pretended to polish pitted metal with 1000 grit sandpaper. But then that awesome fire when you quenched it turned the tide and that next-level laser engraving pushed it over the top. So I'm torn.

  • Да, Брат молоток получился в сто раз круче чем был!!! А с гравировкой вообще бомба!!! Он такойже нордически крепкий как ты сам!!!😎😉🙂☺😀😄🙄💪👌👏🖒👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • My mechanics is better

  • 👍. Только зачем оригинальный логотип удалил?

  • Top cara

  • I really REALLY enjoyed watching this wicked resto. Fantastic work!!

  • Not as grandiose as some restorations, but still a great restoration. 👍

  • I'm Japanese but watching your video is very interesting! Please keep doing a good job!

  • Maravilloso me fascinan el particular final simplemente genial

  • اكو عراقي 😅😅

  • WOW,mandou bem!!!

  • You are awesome 👏🏻

  • Toujours aussi épatée par vos restaurations! J’adore la gravure celtique 🥰

  • 3:33 my guy saw his life flash before his eyes

  • Great hammer! I think it's a pleasure to work with such a tool!

  • Nice and clean and good has new I wood say

  • 3:24. Ужин? 😄. Ха ха ха ха ха ха! ПРИКОЛИСТ!!! 😄

  • Молоток огонь 🔥👍

  • Mantap bang

  • Задолбали вы своими "восстановлениями" сами же эти предметы в солнечной воде и прочей химии держите!

  • short and sweet! loved this video

  • Dude's wife during dinner - drops her fork on the floor. He be like, "I got it." Six hours later, the black latex gloved hands put the fork back on the table...

  • 🤟👍😉😄😁

  • 🖤 wonder-full

  • Awesome work! But too much cinematic..

  • Love your work. I always smirk when you describe “grinding with 1000 grit”, perhaps that’s just non-‘American ‘ English language barrier.

  • looks like thor will be coming to your house soon

  • Now the handle is wrong in shape e lenght. The handle mustn't be cut to insert the stopper

  • Вот кому делать не хуй

  • Wow.... thats impressive that you made a very boring rusted hammer into a cool hammer that is better and stronger.

  • I have it

  • Antes de jatear, deveria ter retirado o cabo do martelo. Para retirar o cabo, jamais bater no martelo.

  • Круто

  • in Germany we call this Kind of Hammer a Beulhammer or Ausbeulhammer. Normally yo use them with a special piece of Iron called Ausbeuleisen for dent removal from body parts on cars after accidents.

  • Молот Тора получился.

  • Quien te conoce Thor?

  • 👍👍👍

  • Very nice. What laser engraver do you use?

  • Лайк. За творчество. Но зачем пескоструй? С таким же успехом его можно было отправить в Путешествие вокруг Луны... Польза точно такая же но зато ударажало бы проект раз в 1000000раз...

  • Nice hammer after the restoration

  • Champion! ! ! ! ! hello from the Russia ! ! !

  • Nicely done but I would have liked if you laser engraved a replacement of the original logo in acknowledgement as well.

  • После пескоструйки можно было и не продолжать

  • Great job done 👌

  • Sorry but I don't see the point in doing this "it's a hammer". A hammer is meant to be used to Hammer things not to be a collectors item. The only thing this hammer needed was to clean off the rust, sand the handle maybe throw some paint on the hammer and be done with it. So it's ready to be used again. Not to mention you went through all that process to black and the hammer only the buff out the blackness off it which makes no sense. I've restored plenty of hammers and I've never done any of this as to me it's unnecessary and pointless. Tools are meant to be used not to be collectors items.

  • Thumbnail reminds me Kong vs Godzilla title vfx

  • La heladera llena de Heineken!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

  • Perfeito

  • Awesome!!!

  • Nice vid. Subbed. But stupid to remove the maker’s mark.

    • @Awesome Restorations Sorry not to be negative but makers marks can be important. That said your restore on that ball peen was spot on and the knot design was awesome. Looking forward to exploring your content.

    • thanks for subbing :)

  • да ты гений черт побери отпискаструил молоток! могёшь

  • Dang I getting old watching this video at midnight. Great job now I need to buy a sandblaster

  • Cool

  • Что за трек?

  • Восторженные коммент пишут, видимо, худенькие мальчики в коротких штанишках и на самокатах, видившие молоток лишь на картинках😂

  • Когда коту делать нехер--он яйца лижит.. Сделать пескоструй, перенасадить. ВСЁ!! Это молоток, мля!! Инструмент ударный! А он боёк отполировал до зеркала за каким-то, при этом сошлифовал, походу, оригинальную гравировку зато нанёс кельтский крест! Нахера??? При чем тут кельты?? И клин нужно с клеем забивать-это я как столяр говорю! Короче сделал бесполезный сувенир.

  • 😂

  • Esse feramenta desse modelo e feito de aço eu tinha um martelo desse material chama de belota

  • 3:39 👍

  • This one is terrible too!

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤👍

  • Нельзя таким молотком по гвоздям колотить! Теперь это хирургический молоток! Мастер, подари его знакомому нейрохирургу. Ну или стоматологу на худой конец. То-то парень будет рад!

  • Таким молотком жалко гвозди забивать.

  • И у кого теперь поднимется рука ударить по гвоздю таким молотком?

  • Makes me want to go out to the garage and polish something. 😀👉👍

  • Plain Awesomeness 😀👉👍 Can not understand the 1.5 negatively.

    • @Awesome Restorations We appreciate you and your masterful restorations. Keep them coming. 😀👍🙏

    • thanks I appreciate it 😊

  • ช่วยแนะนำวิธีเพื่อนยืมฆ้อนแล้วไม่คืนหน่อยครับ

  • That laser engraving is off the hook! By the way, awesome job on the hammer and handle.

  • Did anyone else notice the skull, inside of the flames while he was treating the hammer?

  • Connerie

  • Good ! I like it.. Thank you very much

  • Perfeito 👏👏👏👏

  • Please, restore your own benchwork

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  • I like it.

  • Не говорите еиу что он закалил весь молоток, а не только боек.

  • Jesus loves you and died for your sins great vid 🤤

  • When you that hammer Heated to 817 degrees Celsius and then when you said the food was ready it really made me feel like a chicken.😂😂☺️

  • Wow!! Sei il migliore, veramente belli i tuoi video!! TOP!

  • Купи новый

  • Я это сделаю за 3 минуты

  • Инструмент востановленный, прослужит очень долго! Сделано великолепно!


  • Duration but you should know that’s a ball peen hammer it’s not for driving nails

  • you are an artist

  • Ulan çok güzel videolarda uyku getiriyor be

  • Lazer engraving looks pretty ugly.

  • 😭안돼!! 👀 보니까 🔨 ⚒ 너무 멋져 너무갖고싶어

  • Sand blast...the inside also ...You Sand Blastin Slacker !!

  • Сам люблю восстанавливать старье. Видео хорошее но не увидел ничего ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕГО🤷‍♂️

  • siêu quá

  • Bruh I was not ready for that laser! 🤯

  • Great Job bro!!

  • 👍🏼 молодец !!

  • 2 вещи, 1 я бы сменил рукоять молотка на новую т.к. дерево имеет свойство разрушения гниения кому как больше нравиться, 2 я бы забивал клин с добавлением эпоксидной смолы кто в теме тот поймёт))) в остальном молодец, восстанавливать старые вещи это очень круто, честь и хвала

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