EXTREMELY Rare Lighter Restoration, World War 2 - D-day 1944!

Publicado em 13 Nov 2020
Restoration of a VERY RARE LIGHTER from world war II. This is a Normandy beach area metal detector ground found, with a special emblem attached to it. See me restore this war relic.

This is a EXTREMELY rare and special war relic probably from the World war 2. The lighter was very worn out before the restoration. According to the donator it was found near the coast of the Utah beach in Normandy France with metal detector equipment. This is one of the beaches where the allies landed the coast at D-day June 6. 1944 - So my guess is that it has been in the ground since the days around D-day 1944.

I started by cleaning the emblem who was attached to the lighter. I was VERY surprised when I saw how cool this emblem looked. I guess it is an old US marine emblem from world war 1 or 2 but I am not sure. I heated the lighter to remove all the parts which were soldered to the lighter and there after I removed all tiny parts. They were very hard to remove. I guess the many years on Normandy beach in France has been harsh to it.

I sandblasted the brass body and grinded the whole lighter with 500, 1000 and 1500 grit. I polished it to mirror blank and added all the small part again.

The beautiful US marine emblem was cleaned in vinegar before it was attached to the lighter again. This is such a beautiful war relic and I hope that you enjoy this restoration video.

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  • Does anyone else see a face at 4:11 in the reflection

  • O isqueiro estava muito oxidado antes da restauração, mas foi restaurado com sucesso

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  • I enjoy watching your videos. Just curious as to why a lighter with an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor would be on a Normandy beach, when no Marines were involved in the Normandy landings (other than sea duty detachments on some of the Navy ships). Any clue anyone?

    • thanks I am glad you liked it. It could also have been traded by a Marine to another person or it could have been dropped later - we are never gonna know

  • Wondering one of army guy got that from a Marine on the ship...or a Marine jumped in Higgins boat with army guys...it would be cool to the history of it.

  • It's the symbol of the United States Marine Corps

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  • Do people commission you to restore items or do you find them yourself?

  • the royal navy sembol

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  • That is the Marine Corps emblem.

  • Where do you find these items

    • I get it from different shops and from contact people around the world 😊

  • hi.. i'am u'r subscriber.. i'am from Indonesia.. i always wchng u'r vidio... and i like it

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    • thank you so much for your support ❤

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  • At 4:02 as he's sandblasting it, the man who this lighter belonged to is watching him restore it...creepy. Unless I'm tripping and it's part of the Sand Blaster wall. ???

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  • These lighters look like you found em from the Titanic... And yet you restore them to their former glory

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  • Amazing! And just curious, but where do you get a sand blaster like that? And what kind of gloves are you wearing to sand blast it?

    • thanks a lot. I bought it from an Italian company - the gloves came along with the sandblaster :)

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    • I don't know - but there is a lot of trench art out there try searching that

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  • Holy crap! Look at the state that thing was in before the restoration! You can _definitely_ tell it went through Hell! First it took a beating on the beaches of Normandy and then it seems time and mother-nature kicked it's ass! It's a beautiful restoration tho! But i gotta say i _am_ curious how you restored the flint sparky wheel thingamajig... I don't think i saw you clean it, just the part where you finally managed to "unstick" it and rotated it to show the rusty part! But either way, _great restoration!_ i honestly can't believe how it looks now compared to it's starting state! Regarding the emblem... Seeing it reminded me of the navy seal logo. Back then there were no seals so I'm guessing it's some other Navy related thing, probably marines?

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  • Awesome restoration! Beautiful US Marine Corp lighter!!!

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  • You know you use your sandblaster a lot when your gloves look like they got the black plague. Weirdly I haven't seen any patches, have you patched your blasting gloves at all? The gloves we have at work are patched or replaced frequently due to holes occurring quite frequently.

    • @Awesome Restorations Either that or my work buys cheaper quality gloves lol

    • No I haven't replaced or patched them yet - but you probably blast a lot more than I do at your work :)

  • Wow fabulous work on a fabulous piece. Love watching you bring these pieces of history back to life.

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  • Love your restoration videos, it’s crazy to see that the world we live on holds so many historical items and some of are lucky to find some from years or centuries back

  • Why not try heating the metal to a dull red and then sandblasting with a material softer than the metal? I bet heated rust is much weaker than the uncompromised metal underneath.

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