Celtic BATTLE AXE Restoration - With COOL original engravings

Publicado em 23 Abr 2021
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/eTE94x ✅ PC: clcr.me/JbfET2 - Restoration of an authentic Celtic battle axe with original medieval hand engravings. I will restore this cool and very old weapon from the past.

About the Celtic battle axe
I bought this very old axe from an antique store in Italy. I had a long chat with the owner of the store, and he could assure me that this was an authentic Celtic relic used for battle for many centuries ago. Latest battle it participated in was a fire in the previous owner’s house. That is why the wooden handle was almost burned away when I started the restoration. The metal on this relic looked very old and had a lot of cracks.

The restoration process
I started by removing the handle from the axe head and went directly to sandblasting. Then I straighten the metal taps who hold the axe head and handle together. I also welded a lot of cracks in the metal and cleaned it up with a metal cleaning disc on my angle grinder. I hardened the cutting edge of the axe and tempered the metal twice in the oven. I sharpened it in a 25-degree angle and polished the edge as well. I made a very simple wooden handle of an old wooden stick we have used as a hiking stick. I painted it black and mounted the axe head using fire to heat up the metal pins to prevent them from breaking. I also attached the original metal decoration nail from the old battle axe.

0:00 Video start
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3:38 Sandblasting
4:20 Fixing all the cracks in the metal
5:20 Welding the Axe
7:33 Hardening the metal
9:25 sharpening the edge
10:54 making a new handle
13:40 Showing the beautiful result

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