Zippo Lighter Restoration, Vietnam War MEDIC Repair - Ba Ria 72-73

Publicado em 20 Mar 2020
Zippo lighter restoration from The Vietnam war Ba Ria Post year 1972-1973. Today I restore and repair an awesome lighter from Vietnam with a Red Cross combat MEDIC badge attached to is.

This Zippo lighter is a metal detector ground found from Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province in Vietnam. It has been partially buried in mud and sand when he found it. It was sent to me by one of my metal detector friends from Vietnam.


I always start with WD40 rust remover. Just to loosen things up. The inner case was stuck in the zippo bottom case as usual, so I was forced to use fire and a hammer to loosen those two parts from each other. I washed inner/outer case in soap and alcohol and found some beautiful inscriptions on the lighter.

The inside case was damaged, so I had to repair it with a little heat treatment. I used the home-made mini tumbler (as usual) to clean the small parts. I cleaned the inside lighter case in the sandblaster with low air pressure and I used white virgin aluminium oxide.

I heat treated the inside Zippo case to achieve a beautiful brown Matt army color. I polished the case and lid to mirror blank and added the Red Cross combat medic badge.

The inscription on the lighter is

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