Restoration of gun oil bottle from the Vietnam War

Publicado em 23 Jan 2020
Restoration of a gun oil bottle from the Vietnam War with a Vietnam war gallantry cross medal attached to it. This is a unique repair and includes electroplating/nickel plating, sandblasting and ultrasonic cleaning.

This is an old Vietnamese gun oil bottle used by the army of Vietnam among others. I think that Russian Red Army also used this kind of bottles? This oil bottle is special because there is a Vietnam war gallantry cross medal attached to it. This medal was given by the former government of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam). The medal was awarded to military personnel, civilians, armed forces and organizations in recognition of deeds of velour or heroic conduct while in combat with the enemy in the Vietnam war missions.

I got this Vietnamese army gun oil bottle together with a lot of other rare Vietnam war pieces from a fan of my channel who contacted me directly after my popular Vietnam Zippo Lighter restoration.

The metal on the bottle was intact but with a lot of patina. I started this restoration with a drop of WD40 and with a little heat treatment I got the bottle cap off and started cleaning the parts with stone tumbling and sandblasting. After I have cleaned the parts I electroplated the bottle with nickel to make the metal more resistant and shinier. The Vietnam war gallantry cross medal was treated with alcohol, sandblasting polishing and finally I used ultrasonic sound cleaning to make it shine. (the same way that you clean jewelry) I have loaded the sandblaster with virgin white aluminium oxide this time to be gentle with this cool Vietnamese restoration.

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