Antique Hatchet Restoration with AWESOME VIKING modifications

Publicado em 4 Set 2020
Restoration of an antique hatchet with AWESOME VIKING engravings and modifications. See the amazing outcome!

I do not know much about it. I got it in a bundle with 8 very rusty and molded old axes no doubt that this is an antique restoration though. The handle looks like something from an old hammer and is definitely not the original handle.

I disassembled the hatchet from the handle and sandblasted the metal. There was a lot of cracks in the metal, so I decided to reshape and cut of some metal instead of welding it. I did go for a more Nordic battle viking hatchet look and I think that I accomplished just that. I also did a lot of grinding and polishing to get rid of all the scars and craters after many years of hard work. I hardened the metal in my hardening oven, and I used a new handle for this hatchet and fitted it to the head very well.

Iā€™d sketched some Nordic Viking symbols, The Vegvisir (which shows the way), the triskelion which symbolize the 3 horns in the myth of Odin and some viking knots with a dragon who was often seen engraved in the Vikings long boats. I used many hours on the laptop to get this design right and after that I engraved it into the metal. I also engraved the viking triskelion on the metal piece inserted in the handle.

I am VERY satisfied with this restoration video and I hope that you enjoy it too.

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