Old NORDIC hammer Restoration with AMAZING outcome

Publicado em 17 Jul 2020
Restoration of an old NORDIC hammer from T.O.R., Sweden. I do a beautiful job on this old tool and add some cool custom engravings. See the amazing outcome!

This is a Swedish made TOR hammer. I got it from a local farmer. It was fully functional and had an incredibly beautiful layer of rust. There was a lot of scratches and craters in the metal.

I carefully disassembled the hammer shaft from the head and sandblasted the metal. I did a lot of grinding and sanding to get rid of all the scars after many years of hard work. I did a custom Nordic Viking’ish design and engraved it into the metal. I also mirror polished both hammer ends and the engraving details. I reused the shaft and added a symbol of Thor viking rune on the shaft. I am VERY satisfied with this restoration video and I hope that you enjoy it too.

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