Restoration of Buzz Lightyear 2020 Toy Story Repair

Publicado em 25 Dez 2020
Restoration of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. See me restore and repair this unique Space Ranger who was hit by the 2020 apocalypse!

This is a manmade Zombie version of Buzz Lightyear. As soon as I saw him, I just knew that I needed to save and repair him.

Buzz Lightyear was in very bad condition, so I started out with disassemble him into approx. 250 pieces. There were A LOT of tiny parts, wires, screws, and plastic pieces so it was quite an advanced repair. I cleaned all the parts and luckily the man-made apocalypse decorations were easy to wash off. I sandblasted most of the plastic parts with virgin Sodium Bicarbonate.

I airbrushed all the parts in original Buzz Lightyear green, purple, black and grey colors. And everything was painted two times with a gentle grinding in between.

I wrote to Pixar and they were so kind to send me a lot of well needed spare parts, stickers, a new upgraded head and some infinity power batteries. I even got myself a Toy Story hat. Thanks 😉

This was a very special restoration for me. I really like all the Toy Story movies. I think they are brilliant and somehow encourage hope into peoples lives. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, REX the little aliens are some of my favorite characters in these movies. Thank You Pixar for a wonderful story and fantastic animations ❤

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Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin
Music: From BRdown free audio library. And from prayed license at EnvatoElements.


  • In this video I restore Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story - Please let me know what you think! 👍 ALSO SEE my EXTREMELY RARE War Lighter Restoration - Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

  • Look like someone had a explosive diarrhea on the toy...

  • Who would win Buzz lightyear or Goku

  • false xd this bozz is new


  • Its months late but. Before watching it i felt so much existential dread then after watching the video, because as a toodler i loved toy story alot. And after i got to the end seeing buzz in it's full glory filled me with happines.Thank you , Your a good Man.

  • What the hell happen to you, Buzz?

    • @Awesome Restorations no he didn’t. They escaped Sid and returned to Andy in the first movie.

    • Sid got to him :)

  • it's kinda cool that you uploaded this on christmas

    • @Awesome Restorations oh i will

    • Thanks... Keep your eyes 👁️👁️ open this Christmas... There will be a follow up on this video 😉🌲🌲

  • F

  • Love your sense of humor

    • Thanks for watching Loretta-.... and for your kind words I really appreciate it 👍

  • Yo, if he's not already, Buzz will be trending soon! This was cool!

  • sorry to break it to you but i think he is dead.

  • Нифига он маргнул

  • what the actual FUCK

  • Это очень круто!спасибо🙏

  • V.

  • The lasers on the wrong arm

  • Was it real delivery from Pixar?

    • @Awesome Restorations it's great!

    • Yes ... I have great connections with some of the cool Disney guys 👌

  • En el minuto 5:19 el voz laiyer sige moviéndose

  • It's looks like yasushi nirasawa's design

  • どう頑張ってもその顔にはならんやろ

  • お見事です✨✨

  • I don't like your video buzz does not look like that it's creepy

  • Cuzz Lightyear 😶

  • Oooff....and yet the birth of Zombie Buzz Lightyear was born

  • why did you put a little small skeleton skull as the head? it looks very weird allso kinda creepy too it looks like hes dead Well actually he was dead in the beggining the fact that you restore him makes it look like hes in heaven and came back to life

    • I didn't put the skeleton on him. I found Buzz in a store like this and decided to buy him and fix him back to normal.

  • Somebody made a zombie lightyear

  • 12:22 i really laughed so hard xDDDDDDDDDDD

  • I will send a letter to pixar for a free collection xd

  • Someone went through the trouble of creating a Buzz Lightyear that got lost in space and died- and you went through the trouble of bringing him to life again The first version was cool, and your skills are equally impressive

  • Sem palavras, trabalho nota 1.000. Uma obra de arte essa restauração. Sinta-se orgulhoso pelo seu trabalho.

  • i think Sid got a hold of Buzz again

  • They sell these Zombie Buzz at Frank and Sons in LA. Glad you fixed it.

  • Why did you destroy it?

  • Tf happened to him

  • Does he still glow in the dark tho that's the real question

  • 5=454

  • “You can’t rush art”

  • I hope this kind of restoration happened on all Sid’s toys. ☠️

  • 5:19 bro that skull moved 💀

  • До ремонта круче было

  • ''death lightyear''

  • The production quality of this video is nuts!

  • I liked it before the restoration. It was perfect.

  • Buzz looks like he fell into a bucket of black paint and turned into a zombie.

  • genial

  • My favorite moments of Toy Story ? Credits.

  • Before restoration buzz lightyear looks creepy 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Y las piezas se han arreglado solas? Como le gusta al humano mentir por 4 cochinos €

  • Did buzz actually come with the skull? Or did you put it there for cool asthetics

    • I bought him with that skull - saw him in a shop and decided to fix him back to normal

  • Can u do a power rangers maga zord restoration

  • Plot Twist:Buzz was almost killed in a Space War but he's taken to the Restoration Room to be healed

  • The Buzz at the start looks like a custom "zombie apocalypse" Buzz Lightyear. I really don't think you were supposed to "restore" it (aka destroy it)

  • I know the toy is custom But boy it looks like it could be in a movie A HORROR MOVIE

    • ha ha yes ... Its pretty cool as it was in the beginning actually :) Thanks for watching 👍

  • Spoon loves that you were gentle with mr.light year

  • stand a dildo that what vibrates

  • Watching this felt like watching someone repair and restore one of Sid's creations.

  • было лучше до реставрации)

  • Было лучше)

  • ここまでですルンっだたら買った方g・v・

  • This is very creative but I'm not sure why you did the fake video??? Buzz lightest is not a cyborg? So his arms are human not robot? Just feedback the chi skeleton buzz lightest would probably sell for alot of cash if it was real

  • Were did you get the buzz from?

  • Your videos are incredible. I'm taking notes I will be launching a youtube channel in May of next year.

  • I have fixed my kids Buzz Lightyear by scavenging parts from one I bought at a yard sale. But nothing like this level of detail. Freakin' Amazing!

  • Loved this restoration. I like all of your videos but this felt special. Buzz is a personal favorite, liked seeing this fixed. Though the apocalypse version was fun looking

  • Looks like something our future generation will find buried inn some random field 5000 years from now.

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  • Mother of God. So perfect restauration. Looks like new!!

  • منتاج وعمل رائع

  • Buzz spaceship have been burn

  • You're gonna make me fucking cry with that music you fucker

  • More toy restorations please! This video was so funny. Great job

  • How did you do the tension springs for the left wing?

  • Didn't show the 1 bit i actually needed to see

  • mi parte favorita de toy story es cuando se culean al lotso

  • Cara você destruiu o boneco só para restaurar de novo,

  • hope this makes it into the new movie

  • Wait I see that toy I see face move

  • Esta muerto😶😱

    • así queda😘😘😘

  • I have a Titan joker that needs his leg repaired it came off

  • It's going to look like the way when it was new

  • Coitado 😭

  • Thats absublutly scary but its jumpscare

  • You have to admit, as amazing as the restoration was, the before was actually pretty cool as well. It reminded me of some of the deviant art I’ve seen at a store here in Los Angeles called The Hyena Gallery. The skull was awesome!! But the after was good too. It boggles my mind that you can figure out where all the pieces go!!!

    • It was cool but also very scary :) there were MANY parts in Buzz a lot more than expected

  • Então ele é? E

  • How did you destroy him like that and who did this to him? Give me a reason and a link to the destroy video

  • This Is looks like a zombie buzz

  • Buzz lightyear rrrescue rescue

  • That skull though

  • I'm amazed you didn't start the video with "HEY! WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?!" "HEY! WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?!" "HEY! WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?!"

  • My questions is why is there a skull head instead of a normal one?

  • Can you send it to me it becomes so good great work ☺️

  • 5:34 Prospector Stinky Pete The Traitor And Jerk Of Toy Story 2

  • 4:28 The Skull Of Buzz Lightyear Looks So Scary

  • 1:44 Flying And Shooting With The Laser

  • The Wings Of Buzz Mus Be A Bit Long And Straight Enough😎😎

  • Mmm..Why didn't you write 'MaRty' on the bottom of the rubber sole in Sharpie?