Zippo Lighter Restoration repair and refill

Publicado em 2 Jan 2020
Restoration and repair of broken zippo lighter plus correct fluid refill. Today I restore a relatively new lighter with a beautiful sexy lady keyhole motive on it.

This zippo lighter is not very old. A subscriber on BRdown sent it to me to restore. He wrote that it has been laying in the water outside his house for some time now and wanted to challenge me do the restoration and make it work again. I accepted the challenge.

Restoration Process
I started with loosen up the parts with WD40 rust remover. The zippo lighter inside case was stuck in the zippo bottom case. It was not only the rust, someone/something ran over it for sure. When loose I separated all the parts and cleaned them all with the methods that I found necessary for this restoration.

I chose to sandblast the metal motive and the lighter case + hand grind the lighter outer case with grit 1500 paper to get rid of the plating and get that beautiful brass visible again. I loaded the sandblaster with glass beads to achieve perfect results when sandblasting on cast iron. I use only 80 psi pressure on my air compressor when sandblasting.

In this video I also describe how to refill fluid correctly on your Zippo lighter and show you where you can spare an extra flint.

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Thanks for watching my restoration video. See you next week.
Music: Portrait of time - From BRdown free audio library.